"The egg with no head cannot think for itself!"
Says the King
"I say this egg is dead!"

"Having no head doesn't mean anything!" Screams a chicken
No one listened
So the egg with no head is thought of as dead
"It has no legs. How would it walk or run?" ponders this King.
"This egg has none!"

"Having no legs doesn't mean you'll never get some!"
Replies the chicken
No one listened
So the egg with no head and no legs is thought of as dead

"It has no mouth to speak its name." the King says with shame
"Again, I say this egg is dead!"
"That doesn't mean it's not getting fed all the same!" says this chicken in vain
No one listened
So the egg with no head, no legs and no mouth to be fed
Is still thought of as dead

To the King's great surprise
The egg without head, without legs and without a mouth to be fed
Cracked just past sunrise!
The egg was shed! This egg not dead
This King was fed in the head with the
Thought of knowing
From this egg, long thought of as dead,
A chick was growing!

"Hmmm..this egg's not dead!" The King finally said
The chicken chuckled and replied with a knowing tear in its eye
"Told you, enough said!"

It was declared. Right then. Right there.
The Egg is not dead. Without head, legs or mouth to be fed
Even if we cannot see what is inside
Like any seed we believe if given a chance
This egg is alive!

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