An Oak tree on Mars
Without a cityscape, or noise from cars
Let’s plant
An Oak tree on Mars

Might the roots take hold?
This tree might grow
The branches reach high
Into a red, dusty sky
Magnificent would this be
Without restraint
No salty seas

Only to be
Lost amidst the endless stars
As a lonely, the only
Oak tree on Mars

In this seed from a thought of a dream
Nothing impossible today it seems
Swaying against a dusty, red wind
Dreams are lost if held within

Plant them. Watch them grow
Into the endless horizon they shall go
Dreams will take root for all to know

Like the Oak tree on Mars
Watch it grow

If you believe we can do more as humans to create a lasting imprint on our universe, let's then plant this Oak Tree on Mars. Order the picture seen above! 8x10. Signed. Numbered. Never more than $5. Send a Message. Find your Message.


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