1. What is "Find Your Message"?

    It is activism through words. Simple words and "messages" written for my children and shared to you. When you receive your delivery, you are doing much more than ordering a signed, 8x10 story. YOU are sending a message. YOU agree with LOVE transcending all. YOU agree with the notion the egg is NOT dead. YOU believe our beauty - ALL our beauty is contained not by the clothes we wear - but by the actions we bring. Take a moment to look around - find something you like - and then FIND YOUR MESSAGE...Activism...is only a click away. Spread the word.

    Love transcends ALL. 

    Support dreams

    Equality is colorblind

    Choose LIFE. But, CHOOSE

    8x10 (Frame not included)



    Never more than $5 - the most AFFORDABLE way to start something BIG.


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    Fly into the Chinese sky
    Where the wind will take you
    Make you wonder Why
    No boundaries. No limit
    No time can't spend it
    Not an hour or a minute
    In the endlessness of space
    No single Nation
    No single race
    But that beautiful,
    Chinese face
    This Nation, this race
    Which will fly
    Into the endless
    Of the
    Chinese sky
    Take up their wings
    With hearts that sing
    And fly -
    Into the endless, beautiful
    Chinese Sky

    As the Chinese reach for the endless sky - let us wish them well. It is from dreams which come endless things - so dream big. IF you believe in the power of such things - order a print which comes SIGNED/NUMBERED. 8x10 and NEVER more than $5. Think what "message" this would send?


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    He who holds love within
    Behind the simplicity of the grin
    Doesn’t matter at all
    Short, tall, fat or thin
    Love wasn’t with a her
    But a him
    He who holds this love within
    Is exposed
    By what only the heart knows
    Twinkle toes

    She who loves her smile. Style
    Somewhere inside that heart
    Innocence resides
    No care for the eyes, nose or hair
    Just that they were together
    Laughed at and called absurd
    She loving not a him but a her
    All for the grin
    She who held this love within
    Is exposed
    For what only a few hearts may really know
    Twinkle toes

    My family does not say the "G" word. Why? Is it some historical context of inequality among a large section of the population? Not necessarily - it represents the classification of love. Being "g" is not a being or a thought or a condition - as some would like us to think. I believe - and teach it to my children - love transcends everything. Race AND Gender. It's love and when found in it's purest form - as I believe the little words above eloquently do- it's a beautiful thing that hopefully identifies us all....as, well, human. Represent with this simple reminder. Every classification of persons....every color...every walk of life. It's the simple reminder that love transcends all. We are classified not by the color of our skin or the choices we make - but the common thread of love. Think what "message" this might send!?


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    An Oak tree on Mars
    Without a cityscape, or noise from cars
    Let’s plant
    An Oak tree on Mars

    Might the roots take hold?
    This tree might grow
    The branches reach high
    Into a red, dusty sky
    Magnificent would this be
    Without restraint
    No salty seas

    Only to be
    Lost amidst the endless stars
    As a lonely, the only
    Oak tree on Mars

    In this seed from a thought of a dream
    Nothing impossible today it seems
    Swaying against a dusty, red wind
    Dreams are lost if held within

    Plant them. Watch them grow
    Into the endless horizon they shall go
    Dreams will take root for all to know

    Like the Oak tree on Mars
    Watch it grow

    If you believe we can do more as humans to create a lasting imprint on our universe, let's then plant this Oak Tree on Mars. Order the picture seen above! 8x10. Signed. Numbered. Never more than $5. Send a Message. Find your Message.


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    Deep within the chest
    A rainbow forever rests
    How did this rainbow nest
    From the darkness of the chest?

    Cloudy days give way! Oceans blue and sun
    No matter how great the number
    It all begins with one
    Where is the pot of gold a rainbow is said to bring?
    It is called growing old
    Wealth is not found with material things

    Have you ever thought of buying the sky?
    No matter how hard it's tried
    The sky you cannot buy
    How about the salty sea?
    It too is priceless. Free
    This is why
    In the wake of any mess
    Any stress
    Find comfort in knowing
    A rainbow rests. It nests
    Deep inside the wishful chest

    Greed will be our downfall...unless those in power discover the bottom line usually consists of the lowest paid people....EVERYONE PROSPERS in a capitalist society until GREED begins to naturally enter the minds of those in power. It must be suppressed - never eliminated - so the natural cycle of the "have" and "have-nots" is MINIMIZED


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    Leroy the lemon
    Never ginning
    No joy inside
    Only pain, suffering
    It’s never easy to hide
    Should this lemon find relief?
    Leroy was bitter sweet
    Blueberry skills on mulberry hills
    Cherry picking wine
    Laced faced daffodils
    King of this hill
    Peanut butter skies with clouds rolling by
    Jelly for the belly
    Catfish moon pie table salt deep fry
    Leroy the lemon has a frown
    Forever stayed
    Chasing Leroy around
    Buried within
    A sour taste
    Never leaving that face
    Leroy carries it all the time
    Did Leroy ever stop to think?
    Or pause for a moment to find
    Leroy our lemon
    Was really
    Leroy our lime!
    A sour can be sweet
    With a twist of lemon
    Leroy complete

    If you believe it's better to know who you are than be masked by something you are not, please order a picture as a reminder of this message. 8x10. Signed. Numbered. Never more than $5. SEND a Message. FIND your Message.


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  7. RACE

    Imagine having no skin
    From the inside out we’re the same within
    If all skin were lost
    Simply tossed
    Without this skin we'd all be the same
    Bones, blood, eyes and brain
    But pink plays peek-a-boo in disguise
    It hides but forever resides
    Marked only by the color in our lives
    Black, blue, red and green
    Skinny and fat
    Nice and mean
    No two alike
    The sea needs a sail
    The wind needs a kite
    This kite and this sail
    Different indeed
    Both still having the very same need
    A reminder to the world
    As a breath of wind
    Makes a beautiful breeze

    If you believe the beauty is not overlooking color, but discovering the uniqueness and beauty of it all, please order a picture as a reminder of this message. 8x10. Signed. Numbered. Never more than $5. SEND a Message. FIND your Message.

    Race by JasonFontaine

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    "The egg with no head cannot think for itself!"
    Says the King
    "I say this egg is dead!"

    "Having no head doesn't mean anything!" Screams a chicken
    No one listened
    So the egg with no head is thought of as dead
    "It has no legs. How would it walk or run?" ponders this King.
    "This egg has none!"

    "Having no legs doesn't mean you'll never get some!"
    Replies the chicken
    No one listened
    So the egg with no head and no legs is thought of as dead

    "It has no mouth to speak its name." the King says with shame
    "Again, I say this egg is dead!"
    "That doesn't mean it's not getting fed all the same!" says this chicken in vain
    No one listened
    So the egg with no head, no legs and no mouth to be fed
    Is still thought of as dead

    To the King's great surprise
    The egg without head, without legs and without a mouth to be fed
    Cracked just past sunrise!
    The egg was shed! This egg not dead
    This King was fed in the head with the
    Thought of knowing
    From this egg, long thought of as dead,
    A chick was growing!

    "Hmmm..this egg's not dead!" The King finally said
    The chicken chuckled and replied with a knowing tear in its eye
    "Told you, enough said!"

    It was declared. Right then. Right there.
    The Egg is not dead. Without head, legs or mouth to be fed
    Even if we cannot see what is inside
    Like any seed we believe if given a chance
    This egg is alive!

    magine if every person who AGREED with this little story of life supported by purchasing the picture above? What "message" might this send? For only $5 (includes shipping) it's never been easier to "find your message". All prints come 8x10, signed and numbered. You'll receive your print within 1 week!


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    We own a ball that is square
    Never rolling anywhere not even the stairs
    A ball it’s not but it’s all we’ve got
    Who might play with a ball that is square?
    Rolling nowhere
    A ball this round rolls on the ground. The ball that is not just sits like a rock
    Nowhere to go. Stuck in a stop
    This ball that is square; a ball it is not
    What might it be if not a ball that is square?
    Rolling nowhere
    This ball made of square
    The one over there
    Might it be our block?
    Let us play with this ball that is not!
    Building things
    Imagination brings
    Rolling along
    We like this a lot

    Our differences make us unique - and create our special characteristics enabling us to be individuals. Teach your children to be their own individuals - and recognize everyone has these same qualities. Teach your children to find quality in whatever it is they happen to experience. We wanted a ball - but got a square. Rolling nowhere. So - we made it a block and built a castle! Find YOUR Message! 8x10. Signed. Numbered. The Rolling Ball is only $5....

    When/IF someone gives you voicemail - and you really need to speak with them - simply fill up their inbox with phrases like "Cheeto/Burrito. It's a fun way to protest them not picking up the phone. Now, Tommy - ANSWER THE PHONE!


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  10. BIG TOE

    Big toe knows

    Everywhere we go

    It hears everything we say

    Never will it walk away
    Big toe stares us down today

    Kick it. Stub it

    Do anything but rub it
Hide it in a shoe

    Never worry
Big toe keeps its eye on you
From the shower to the tub

    Who wouldn’t love?
A big toe and everything above

    Put it in a sock

    Sweaty and hot
Everywhere we go

    Big toe gets mashed

    Inside the smelly shoe

    It gets stuffed

    Let this be a reminder

    To be gentle
A little kinder

    Always know

    Wherever we go
Whatever we do

    Big toe is there
 with an eye on you


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